Praise for this Blog

Pin It Now! Gosh! It's the one review that I've gotten all the while I've been blogging and I've this compulsive need to brag about it. Look what Bloggy Awards thinks of this blog.
Itchin’ Where I Can’t Go Scratchin’ (is what this blog was called when I started out) is a blog that has good stories and writings. Probably what keeps it from becoming a great blog is the low frequency of updating by its author. It’s a blog that strikes us as having good potential to be bookmark-worthy and regularly read. Otherwise, one visit every couple of weeks may be good enough.
Nice of them, ugh? More here.

I must thank the Gent, in fact two Gents who were the inspiration behind most of my Gent stories. But these aren't stories; believe me. These evil people actually lived it, every twist of it.

And here's the fun part. I thought I'd actually protected their identities. But then they're too transparent. At least the more evil of the two is. As a result the spring well of stories dried up. Mind you I'd only dug the surface. Perhaps they'd reconsider once they see this post. Pin It Now!