When Oorain Gets You!

Pin It Now! Gent is at the service center to pick up his car. He was bang on time and bubbling with delicious anticipation of the kind usually reserved for special occasions.

Ruddy place, thought Gent, but where were these buggers who were to hand over his shiny new car to him? Oh, there they were!

He saw a tousled head bob up from behind a car. Ugh... Why was he bobbing behind a car? Did that mean the buggers hadn't touched his car? If that was the case, they sure had something coming.

Gent walked gingerly into the service area of the service center, straining to catch snatches of conversation to arm himself for the verbal duel he was sure would ensue.

"Who that?" he heard a guttural voice.

"Man for Hunndei Guesstt..." a faintly feminie voice trailed off in answer.

Obviously Guttural hadn't heard Feminine, for he repeated his question.

"Man for Hunndei Guesstt..." Feminine hissed.

It was all that Gent could do to hold back his smile. Hyundai Getz should have been christened here. Right here, he told himself and pictured a design that was a cross between Attila the Hunn and a
gazebo on wheels. Ha! But he mustn’t laugh. He was almost near them now. Guttural was speaking again.

"You holding light. I oorain first" said Guttural in answer, catching the general picture of the setting. But our visitor didn't quite catch on.

He what first? A puzzled Gent wondered as he saw Guttural head for the back door. Well not that there was a door, or any proper walls to hold up the roof. The only proper wall was a fallen hoarding.

"Why you going there, you going here" Feminine shrilled pointing ahead of himself.

Immediately Guttural changed direction and headed behind the hoarding. Shortly thereafter Gent suspected he heard the sound of falling rain. Or oorain as he quickly realised. Guttural was taking a leak.

He couldn't stand there anymore. He quickly decided that he'd pick up his car a little later and presently nip away to some place where he could laugh out loud.

Guttural can wonder where he'd disappeared to when he gets back from making oorain. Pin It Now!