Shame-shame at Lunch

Pin It Now! “Ha! Look… look!” Gent gleamed as he saw a large plate of puffed, fried batter float into the room balanced by a waiter whose face was lost behind the loaded tray he was carrying.

Gent loved a dig at anyone and anything. It just put things right as a whistle. And it made the world an even more beautiful place. Oh yes! But look at that plate dude! Who would eat one of those?

Gent observed that everyone else were equally hypnotised, noticing which the waiter put on a flourish. He swung his hips and put on what he thought were nimble strides, making a spectacle of himself and his platter.

And Gent was enjoying every moment of it. He almost smacked his lips. Lunchtime was such fun. “Now who would order such a gooey outrage?” he wondered as the waiter negotiated round a table and promptly stopped at his.

“Your channa bhatura sir!”

Gent blanched. He’d ordered that! “But pooris are supposed to be… well not monstrous like these. And what was that bucket of gravy doing on the side. Gawd! This is…”

Gent threw a quick eye around. They were all looking at him. Some amused. Some barely stifling a laugh. And some disgusted.

Just then a flash went off before him. Someone had just photographed him! Kill him! He noticed that the eager waiter was hovering in the vicinity trying to come into the frame as his lunch companion focused his camera mobile to shoot him again.


That does it. He wouldn’t wish a channa bhatura on anyone he decided. Even if he were the cook who came up with this embarrassment. And now he had to eat it with a straight face!
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Anonymous said...

He deserves dat. Thanks for capturing his embarassment in full flight. He He he. Wicked me. One should not laugh at other's misery. But I guess, Gent is an exception. Everybody can have a good laf at him.

wish the snap included his face. would have loved to see the expression. His own joke falling on him. Good 1 dat.

Instinctive Traveller said...

please i didn't instigate that comment. i really didn't.

Sensorcaine said...

*snigger* bloom! ewe pliss be sticking to appam- curries!

Instinctive Traveller said...

ayyo! blosssome y u sayings taat?

IdeaSmith said...

LOL...this is one very witty Gent.