What-a Sport!

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This one takes the cherry. Look at that. That’s some place in Chennai. I’m not sure where, can someone spot it for me? But look at the water, look at the road! Like the goon says on one of the Home Alone series “what-a h-o-l-e!” Can you beat that? Bang in the middle of the road too. And there were many like this one all over Chennai.

Me, I fell into one the last time it rained cats and dogs. Remember the holiday most of Chennai had due to what I’d like to call the water fury? Ah! That was the day I was accommodated, feet first; into one of these holes so lovingly dug out by whichever department is responsible for these practical jokes. One moment I was walking on the footpath and the next moment I stepped on to the road – there was a road there the previous day – and fell into knee-deep water. Adventure starts here what?
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Arvind said...

Whch ageny are you from rajesh?