Ah! Smoke without fire!

Pin It Now! Dalmiya! Doesn’t that sound like an expression of surprise and disgust? No? Well, here it is again broken down into its syllables. Dal-mi-yah! How about that? Or perhaps we shouldn’t be discussing this just about now. Let’s get on with the story first.

The decision of the BCCI is out and it pictures Ganguly as the unfortunate victim of a series of miscommunications, which we are given to believe, began the day Chappell took over. Or at least it’s been said in that vein. The decision is confounding nevertheless. I fail to understand on what grounds BCCI cleared Ganguly of all charges levelled against him. Was it on the ground that the man who made them was not of sound judgement? It would then also mean that the board that chose him lacked sound judgment too. I could be wrong here.

But I am confounded again. What exactly was the nature of the miscommunication regarding Ganguly faking injury? As far as we know, Ganguly refused to be treated for an injury that he'd suddenly developed. Was the miscommunication pertaining to the refusal of treatment? Perhaps the coach heard "I don't want treatment" instead of "I want treatment"… And we're told that such 'miscommunication' was repeated in various matches as was evident in Chappell’s confidential e-mail to the BCCI chairman. Whatever... the long and short of it as I understand is that each time Ganguly said ‘Yes’, Chappell heard ‘No’, when captain said 'There', coach heard 'Here' and so on. This Chappell chappie is hard of hearing too, compounding to his lack of judgement. Mother, what have we here!

Now, the BCCI suddenly claims that Ganguly’s injury is real. If it’s real, what is the severity of it? What is the team physio’s version of the injury? How did the BCCI chief come to the conclusion that the injury was real? Did he have an independent professional opinion taken? Or did the physio report back independently, without sharing the report with the coach? If so we have a house of dissention and miscommunication. And I’m still so full of questions like a mother hen is full of eggs.

Chappell and Ganguly stay on, at the end of this opera. And I’m still… never mind, I could be wrong. But imagine, we still have a system where the board chooses the captain and then the captain is left to choose players. In the present scenario it means that Ganguly’s boys (I can’t call them cronies, I have a heart)… these boys… will be given preference over performers than ever before. And what does this Chappell chappie, who lacks judgement and is deaf as well, have stacked against him?

A nemesis of a captain who is now out to prove a point. A bully board member who has a footman of his as chief. And at least one team member that we know of who is against him. Dal-mi-yah! Do you honestly believe that this Chappell chappie would be able to coach the current Team India for the World Cup? And just how fair is it in a game of fair play and sportsmanship to pit a man against such circumstances and then judge him for performance? You might as well ask a bus conductor to be the coach. Shame on you BCCI. Shame on you Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Venkataraghavan.

Because you claim all the smoke was without fire. Dal-mi-yah! What gall!
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